“In Bakersfield, it seems like musicians and bands are either going directly for that famous Bakersfield Twang, or going in the complete opposite direction. It is very reflective of the town itself. People either love this place or hate this place and want to get out. No matter how far away I may end up, Bakersfield will always be home. I feel like my music reflects that part of me.”

Kenny Reeves is a singer-songwriter from Bakersfield, CA. With his unique brand of “Cali-Folk” music, his genre stays current with the times, while also paying its respect’s to the Country music legends that created The Bakersfield Sound.

Kenny has toured all throughout California opening for acts such as HoneyHoney, Old Man Markley, Night Riots (formerly known as PK), and Wild Roses. His live full band shows are known to be energetic and entertaining, but also known to quiet a room or packed out bar with his more intimate solo acoustic sets.